Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting around the city. Drive or not to drive? :-|

Probably the easiest way to commute around Dubai is to hire a car and move around freely, and if environment does matter to you, feel free to use public transport. What options do you have?
  • Bus
  • Metro
  • Taxi
  • Water Bus (a.k.a. Marine transport)
Depending where you come from, public transport fares may seem cheap of expensive. Taxi fare for instance has been increased very recently to DHS 1.71 per kilometer. It is still very cheap in comparison with most of the western countries.

Cheapest way of commuting of course is by using a bus and metro combined. As every coin has 2 sides, there are pros and cons taking a bus or metro. The advantage is obviously spending less money for commuting and contribute to a better greener future. And of course, metro does not depend on road traffic, and in high dense areas of the city there are dedicated bus lanes coming up. Disadvantage: you never know who will be sitting next to you in a bus of metro. Considering most of the time Dubai is hot and humid, chances of a person next to you being sweaty is more likely. That is the only thing I am personally not comfortable with. Other than that of course time. Let say I need to get to work from my house. If I drive it takes me 10-17 minutes, and if I take a bus and metro, active journey alone is about 45-60 minutes, and add the time I spend walking to and from bus station and metro station. By the way metro has first class cabins, but that will cost you. Instead, you can use that money for car sharing/pooling.

I have never tried a water bus though, but it sounds exciting. Within several days I'll try my best to use it and definitely write about my experience on this blog. So stay tuned!

Below, things you might consider making it useful for yourself. 

Useful tools to download (courtesy of RTA)
Travelling from Dubai to other emirates

The Public Transport Agency, provides you inter-emirates bus service on 12 routes in addition to 6 other routes served by Al Ghazal and Al Jawaher companies, linking Dubai Emirate with all other Emirates and cities across the UAE.

You can travel on fleet buses deployed for this service, comprising 123 buses of different types and capacities, to each of the following:

Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Al Jujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Al Dhaid, Hatta and Massafi.

Inter-City buses commute about 1,009,919 passengers every month to other Emirates and cities from the following start off points:
  1. Al Ittihad Metro Station.
  2. Al Gubaibah Station.
  3. Al Satwa Bus Station.
  4. Al Sabkha Bus Station.
  5. Jebel Ali Bus Station.
  6. Al Karamah Station.
  7. Al Qouz Industrial Area (3) Station.
  8. Ibn Battuta Metro Station.
  9. Al Rashidiya Metro Station.
  10. Deira City Center Station.
The services are available at affordable fares to the residents, visitors and tourists of Dubai.

The main stations (Deira and Bur Duabi) operate on shifts from 06:00 am up to 12:00 am (midnight) and you may check the bus schedules of each station to know the time of the last service, which varies depending on the start off and arrival point.

    No. Route No. Roads Description

    From To
    1 E301 Bus Station at Al Rashidiya MS  Shj. Al Jubail BS 5
    2 E303 Bus Station at Union Square MS  Shj. Al Jubail BS 5
    3 E304 Al Satwa BS  Shj. Al Jubail BS Via Karama  5
    4 E306 Al Ghubaiba BS  Shj. Al Jubail BS 5
    5 E307 Deira City Center Bus Station  Shj. Al Jubail BS 5
    6 E308 Jebel Ali Bus Station  Shj. Al Jubail BS 10
    7 E309 Al Qouz Ind'l Area 3 Bus Station  Shj. Al Jubail BS 10
    8 E400 Bus Station at Union Square MS Ajman 7
    9 E700 Bus Station at Union Square MS Fujeirah via Rashidiya MS 25
    10 E100  Al Ghubaiba Bus Station  Abu Dhabi BS 20
    11 E16 Al Sabkha Bus Station  Hatta Terminus 7
    12 E101 Bus Station at Ibn Battuta MS Abu Dhabi BS 20
    13 111 Shj  intl. airport Rashidiya MS via Al Qusais 5
    14 113 Shj. Al Jubail Bus Station Al Qusais BS 5
    Al Ghazal

    From To
    15 600 Deira Bus Station Ras Al Khaimah 20
    Dubai ( Ghubaiba Bus Station .) Al Ain 20
    17 Dubai ( Ghubaiba Bus Station .) Abu Dhabi 20
    Bus Station at Ibn Battuta MS Musafah (AD) 15
    Al Jawaher

    From To
    19 Dubai ( Ghubaiba Bus Station .) Al Ain 20
    Dubai ( Ghubaiba Bus Station .) Abu Dhabi 20

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